Training & Career Development

PALYJA’s employee development programs are held among others through training, courses and career developments. In 2010, the company held 48,693 training hours, covering the routine and those with certificates with total participants of 1,009 employees, 424 contractors and 125 daily workers.

The training programs include Operator Certification Program (OCP), Supervisory Certification Program (SCP), NRW Training Program, Health and Safety Training Programs and other programs.

Career developments for employees are conducted through work rotation or field assignments to further enhance employees’ competency in line with the career development of the corresponding employees.

The company pays a great attention to its employees’ development so that as one of its assets, the employees would be able to continuously develop their ability and potential and provide added values to the company in line with its business growth.

To support that the company has developed a knowledge management through an intranet system that can be accessed easily by employees.