EHS PALYJA Company Regulation

Policy Of Occupational Health Safety and Environment (EHS)
PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (PALYJA)

PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya which provides clean water to western Jakarta community, has very potential high risk on health and safety. with regards to hazardous chemical (chlorine), traffic accident and confined space, it also contains significant environmental aspects which influences environment quality. Therefore, the company is strongly commited to implement Occupational Health Safety and to protection of the environment at all level of organization.

In order to implement comprehensive and efficient Occupational Health and Safety and evnironment protection, the company performs:

  • Prevent occupational illness and work related diseases.
  • Environment pollution prevention and perform waste minimization
  • Optimize the use of energy and natural resources
  • Comply to applicable regulation and or OHS and environment requirements, including GDFSuez requirements and Astra Green Company (AGC) standards
  • Implement and increase OHS and environmental management system (OHS&EMS) and international standard (OHSAS 18001) with the spirit of continual improvement.

To assure the implementation of OHS and environmental protection efforts above, the company has established an organization structure that responsible and has authority of OHS management and environmental protection moreover has appointed environmental and safety representative of each department, whom responsible to advice and monitor the implementation of OHS and environmental protection at their department and or working station.

The succesfull of OHS and environment protection implementation will not be achieved without the involvement of all stakeholders within the organization and we are convinced that safety and respect tp the environment are rights and responsibility of everybody. Therefore, this EHS Policy need to be acknowledged and to be understood by all stakeholders related to PALYJA.