Customers Satisfaction Survey

PALYJA has conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey annually to become the ground and feedback in providing better services to customers.

Through this survey, PALYJA would like to see the results of various performance improvement activities by measuring and understanding the following: customers satisfaction in general relates to water services, assurance that the customers recognize the variety of service improvement provided, matters require further performance improvements.

In 2009 PALYJA conducted again the Customer Satisfaction Survey, cooperated with Taylor Nelson Sofress (TNS) Indonesia as the consultant conducting the survey. The purpose is to measure the latest customers’ opinions on the clean water services currently provided by PALYJA. Thus, we would be able to know whether or not PALYJA’s service has improved.

The percentage of the overall satisfaction of PALYJA’s Customers in 2013 increased to 76% compared to 70% in 2008.